Bill Gates move to B&M

After 33 years of managing software giant Microsoft, founder Bill Gates retain the title of Chairman but without executive functions and will only report for work once a week.

Microsoft did not announce any major event to mark the day when its founder steps down but internal private activities were scheduled to take place at the company’s headquarters at Redmond, Washington.

As Gates leaves day-to-day operations, two people will assume the his two vital duties. Craig Mundie will handle the company’s long-term planning while Ray Ozzie will handle the operations.

Gates will focus more on helping out in causes he chooses through his foundation that is endowed with $38.7 billion and will soon gain more funds with his personal wealth and an endowment from billionaire William Buffet.

Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975 and from then has dominated the market for operating systems in every personal computer. Gates managed close to 78,000 employees in 103 countries all over the world.

Audio: Bill Gates says so long to Microsoft

Bill Gates and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer both fought back tears as they concluded a farewell event for the Microsoft co-founder on the company’s Redmond campus.

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