Georgian cease fire proposal

Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili proposed Saturday at around lunch time local time, to declare a cease fire in the breakaway province of South Ossetia.

Russian embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia Photo Håkan Henriksson

Russian embassy in Georgia Photo Håkan Henriksson

Saakashvili, speaking at a news conference Saturday, also proposed that the warring parties be separated. Georgia’s Security Council secretary, Alexander Lomaia, said Saakashvili’s proposal means that the Georgian troops will withdraw from Tskhinvali, the provincial capital of South Ossetia, and stop responding to Russian shelling.

South Ossetian officials stated that two Ossetian news media sites were hacked. Dmitry Medoyev, the South Ossetian secessionist envoy in Moscow, claimed that Georgia was trying to cover up reports of deaths.

The National Bank of Georgia website was defaced and replaced with a gallery of known dictators of 20th century with Saakashvili added amongst them. Georgian newsportals were under Internet denial-of-service attacks and reportedly the site of the Georgian Ministry of Defence was hacked as well. The attacks are similar in nature to the 2007 cyberattacks on Estonia and were carried out with the same techniques.

The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website was also defaced and replaced with a collage of Saakashvili and Adolf Hitler photos.

Websites of the aforementioned National Bank and Ministry of Foreign Affairs are currently offline. According to the New York Times, Georgian websites had been crashing frequently throughout August 8



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