Bakiyev is re-elected President of Kyrgyzstan

The election turnout was reported at 79.3%. As of 22:00 local time in Kyrgyzstan on 26 July, 2009 (with 2,282 of 2,330 polling districts reporting), Bakiev had won the election with 77.81% of the vote.

Earlier in the day (00:40 local time), the results showed the same number of districts reporting, but the numbers were significantly different, showing that Bakiev had won with 82.62% of the vote.

The day after the election the opposition has said it has planned more protests.

Despite initial hopes, Bakiyev’s term in office has been marred by the murder of several prominent politicians, prison riots, economic ills and battles for control of lucrative businesses.

In 2006, Bakiyev faced a political crisis as thousands of people participated in a series of protests in Bishkek. He was accused of not following through with his promises to limit presidential power, give more authority to parliament and the prime minister, and eradicate corruption and crime. Bakiyev claimed that the opposition was plotting a coup against him.

In April 2007, the opposition held protests demanding Bakiyev’s resignation, with a large protest beginning on April 11 in Bishkek. Bakiyev signed constitutional amendments to reduce his own power on April 10, but the protest went ahead, with protesters saying that they would remain until he resigned.

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