Typhoon Morakot set record-breaking heavy rain

Typhoon Morakot kills at least 36 people in the Philippines and Taiwan after producing a record-breaking 2,489 millimetres (98 in) of rainfall.


Typhoon Morakot Aug 7

In Taiwan, where schools were closed ahead of the typhoon, Morakot caused landslides, severe floods, blew down trees and billboards, and stripped roofs from buildings.

In a positive impact, Morakot brought much-needed rain to Taiwan, ending a months-long drought, and replenished reservoirs enough to warrant an end to water rationing.

On that island, two people were killed with four missing. Almost the entire southern Taiwan (Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsuing, and Pingtung) are flooded by record-breaking heavy rain.

It is estimated that rainfall in Pingtung County may reach as much as 2,500 millimeters, breaking all rainfall records of any single place in Taiwan induced by a single typhoon.

Airlines in Taiwan have held flights in and out of the airport, and seaports are closed. Electricity has been lost to approximately 25,000 homes. Japan experienced rain and strong winds from the typhoon.


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