UK man accused of killing two co-workers in Iraq

Authorities in Iraq have charged a man from Britain of murdering of two of his colleagues with security contractor ArmorGroup acquired by G4S. Daniel Fitzsimons is suspected of murdering fellow Brit Paul McGuigan and Australian Darren Hoare.G4S

Three men were shot in the incident yesterday, which occured in ArmorGroup’s Baghdad compound.

As well as the two fatally injured, an Iraqi guard was wounded. According to a spokesman with Iraq’s interior ministry the group was drinking when an argument began and one man opened fire on the others.

Iraqi army spokesman Qassim al-Moussawi stated that “The suspect is facing a pre-meditated murder charge. The matter is now in the hands of Iraqi justice.” Major General Abdul-Kareem Khalaf said “He’s now in Iraqi police custody and he will be tried under Iraqi law,” and pointed out that a conviction carried a possible death penalty.

The men worked in the capital’s diplomatic zone, which features heavy security. Fitzsimons appeared before a court today, where the prosecution informed the judge they had all the evidence required for a trial. It could mark the first trial of a Westerner since local authorities assumed responsibility for policing foreign contractors earlier this year.

One witness is reported to have said, “They were all very drunk and started shouting at each other. They had a big argument and suddenly [Mr Fitzsimons] pulled out a gun and shot his two friends. An Iraqi was standing behind him and tried to take away the gun. But he turned around and shot him … Then he ran away.”



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