New unit approved by President Obama

U.S. Justice Department officials have urged President Barack Obama to reinvestigate CIA prisoner abuse cases.US Dept of Justice

The Justice Department is scheduled to release more than 1,000 pages of documents on torture Monday.

And an internal report by department investigators recommends that the attorney general appoint a prosecutor to see whether laws were broken by interrogators accused of abusing detainees.

The US has banned harsh interrogation methods, including death threats, even under the Bush administration’s controversial interpretation of the law, causing “severe mental pain” by the “threat of imminent death” was considered illegal.

The department’s ethics watchdog has recommended considering prosecuting Central Intelligence Agency employees or contractors for harsh interrogations in Iraq and Afghanistan that went beyond approved limits, a government official said.

The development came as the Justice Department prepares to release a long-awaited CIA inspector general report that will offer new details of prisoner abuse, such as coercing terrorism suspects to confess after threats of bodily harm.


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