S. Korea’s first space rocket

South Korea successfully launches its first space rocket, Naro-1, orbiting the STSAT-2A satellite.BBC Naro

The South Korean government in June 2009 officially approved the launch of the KSLV, which was expected to make the country one of the few in the world to have sent a satellite into orbit independently.

The launch, tentatively scheduled for August 11, received approval from the National Space Committee after experts reviewed all aspects of the flight plan established by state-run Korea Aerospace Research Institute.

South Korea notified the International Maritime Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization of the launch to give notice to ships and planes operating in the region on the launch date to prevent accidental collisions.

The first attempt to a Naro-1 rocket was conducted on 19 August 2009, however the launch was scrubbed seven minutes and 56 seconds before launch. The second launch on 25 August 2009, however, succeded to take off the Naro Space Center. The rocket overperformed, and reached a higher orbit than planned.

The 100-kilogram (220 lb) satellite carries a Lyman- alpha Imaging Solar Telescope (LIST) as well as Satellite laser ranging (SLR) payload.

The Satellite Technology Research Center (SaTReC) developed the STSAT-2 as a sun observation, satellite laser ranging and engineering and technology demonstration sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology.


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