On this day September 8, 1331

Stefan Uroš IV Dušan of the House of Nemanjić was crowned King of Serbia and Emperor (Tsar) of the Serbs and Greeks from 16 April 1345.

Dušan the Mighty

Dušan the Mighty

Under his rule Serbia reached its territorial peak and, as the Serbian Empire, was one of the larger states in Europe at the time.

Apart from significant territorial gains, in 1349 and 1354 he made and enforced Dušan’s Code, a universal system of laws. He is also the only ruler from the house of Nemanjić who has not been canonised as a saint. Dušan was also noted as a man of gigantic proportions, and according to Papal ambassadors he was the tallest man of his time, estimated at close to seven feet tall.

His death in 1355 was a “catastrophe” for Orthodoxy in the Balkans, since he ruled over the only Balkan power capable of halting the advance of the “militantly Islamic and expansionary Ottoman Turks”.



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