Karzai condemns EU’s large-scale fraudulent results

In a press statement (PDF) released September 8 the European Union Election Observation Mission urges immediate action against large-scale fraudulent results, which have been notified to the Electoral Complaints Commission.

These affect hundreds of polling stations across the country. Of a total of 18.877 tallied polling stations on September 6, there were 2.451 polling stations where more than 90% of the votes were cast for a single candidate.

Former President Jimmy Carter, who has monitored elections in countries across the globe, called the elections in Afghanistan “despicable”.  “Hamid Karzai has stolen the election,” the former president told a small group of donors to his Carter Center in Atlanta. “Now the question is whether he gets away with it.”

Carter said that the election reminded him of past fraudulent elections he had seen, where only 20 percent of people in a particular precinct were recorded as voting — with 100 percent of the vote in that precinct going to a particular candidate.

“This is something which President Obama is struggling with,” Carter said. The fraud accusations have come at a particularly difficult time for President Obama, who has already ordered thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan and is expected to make a decision in coming weeks about whether to send more.

The European Commission is assisting this process through a contribution of €35 million to the UN’s fund for electoral support (ELECT) and and an Election Observation Mission (EOM) . This mission is one of the most challenging EOMs in view of the political context, Afghanistan’s weak institutions and the difficult security situation.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s campaign team has condemned as “irresponsible” claims by EU monitors about the extent of election fraud. The row came as the final preliminary result gave Mr Karzai victory with 54.6%. The result is not yet official.



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