Huge crowd attends Cuba peace concert

Hundreds of thousands of people filled Havana’s Revolution Square for a “peace” concert on Sunday in which Colombian singer Juanes and other mJuanes-2006usicians sought to bridge the political divide that has separated Cubans for 50 years.

The Cuban concert coincides with U.N. International Peace Day and could feature up to 12 artists from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Colombia, and the United States. Cuban folk legend Silvio Rodriguez and local salsa stars Los Van Van will also be participating.

Juanes has received criticism on his potential concert by some in the Cuban-American/Cuban exile community in Miami who believe it will be seen as an act of support for the communist government of Cuba.

Juanes expressed in an interview for Univision that he has no affiliation whatsoever to the Cuban government or their political views and that he sees this only as an artistic performance and nothing more.

CCN Video


Amaury Pérez (Cuba)
Danny Rivera (Puerto Rico)
Juan Fernando Velasco (Ecuador)
Jovanotti (Italy)
Juanes (Colombia)
Juan Luis Guerra (República Dominicana)
Luis Eduardo Bauté (España)
Miguel Bosé (España)
Olga Tañón (Puerto Rico)
Orishas (Cuba)
Silvio Rodríguez (Cuba)
Los Van Van (Cuba)
Carlos Varela (Cuba)
Víctor Manuel (España)
CuCu Diamantes y Yerba Buena (Venezuela / Cuba)
X Alfonso (Cuba)

The Concert was founded by Fernán Martínez and Juanes ( Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez)



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