Guinness turns 250

On September 24, 1759, Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease for the St James’ Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. 250 years later, Guinness has grown to a global business that turns over 10 billion euros (US$14.7 billion) every year.

Arthur Guinness

Arthur Guinness

Now the Irish mith is a brand name of Diageo plc, the company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has American Depositary Receipts listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

Diageo was formed in 1997 from the merger of Guinness plc and Grand Metropolitan plc. The creation was driven by the two executives Anthony Greener and Philip Yea at Guinness plus George Bull and John McGrath of Grand Metropolitan.

To further honour the Arthur Guinness legacy, Guinness & Co. is establishing the Arthur Guinness Fund. The aim of the fund, which is an internal fund set up by Guinness & Co, is to enable and empower individuals with skills and opportunities to deliver a measured benefit to their communities. Guinness will donate more than £5 million to the Arthur Guinness Fund which will be active from September 2009.



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