On this day October 20, 1982

During the UEFA Cup match between FC Spartak Moscow and HFC Haarlem, 66 people are crushed to death in the Luzhniki disaster.

October 20, 1982 in Moscow was a cold, windy and snowy day, and the number of tickets sold for the match was relatively low. As a result, only the East Stand was open for spectators, and for security reasons only one exit from the stand was left open. Minutes before the final whistle when FC Spartak were leading 1-0, the spectators began to leave the stadium through this only exit.

Then, during injury time, FC Spartak scored its second goal (Sergei Shvetsov, who scored, later said: “It would be better if I had not scored it!”), and some fans who had previously left the stand turned back to return to the stadium. The returning fans collided with those who were leaving the stadium.

Militsiya guards would not allow those leaving to change course and return to the stadium. A stampede ensued in which many people died or were injured. The official number of dead was 67, although many people including victims’ relatives claim this number to be significantly higher, as many as 340.


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