On this day October 21, 1969

A coup d’état in Somalia brings Siad Barre محمد سياد بري to power.

Siad Barre - محمد سياد بري

Siad Barre - محمد سياد بري

In 1969, during the power vacuum that followed the assassination of Somalia’s second president, Abdirashid Ali Shermarke, the military staged a coup on October 21, 1969 (the day after Shermarke’s funeral), and took over office.

Barre was installed as president of the Supreme Revolutionary Council (SRC), the new government of Somalia.

The SRC arrested members of the former government and banned political parties. The National Assembly was also abolished and the constitution suspended.

The country was renamed the Somali Democratic Republic, and Barre became the spokesman and leader of the new revolutionary government. In 1971, he announced the regime’s intention to phase out military rule.

Barre’s first and second vice presidents, Jaama Ali Qoorsheel and Mahammad Ainanche, were both arrested and imprisoned in 1970 and 1971 for attempting to overthrow the SRC regime.


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