On this day January, 14 1301

The Árpád dynasty, who ruled in Hungary since the late 9th century, ended with the death of King Andrew III.

The Árpáds was the ruling dynasty of the federation of the Magyar tribes (9th-10th centuries) and of the Kingdom of Hungary (1000/1001-1301). The dynasty was named after Grand Prince Árpád who was the head of the tribal federation when the Magyars occupied the Carpathian Basin around 896.

Both the first Grand Prince of the Magyars (Álmos) and the first King of Hungary (Saint Stephen) were members of the dynasty. The Árpáds were also Kings of Croatia (1090-1093/1096, 1097/1102-1301). Members of the family reigned occasionally in the Principality (later Kingdom) of Halych (1188-1189, 1208-1209, 1214-1219, 1227-1229, 1231-1234) and in the Duchy of Styria (1254-1260).

Seven members of the dynasty were canonized or beatified by the Roman Catholic Church; therefore, the dynasty has been often referred as the “Kindred of the Holy Kings” from the 13th century. Two Árpáds were canonized by the Eastern Orthodox Church.

The male line of the dynasty came to end in 1301, but all the following kings of Hungary (with the exception of King Matthias Corvinus) were matrilineal descendants of the Árpáds. The Croÿ family of Belgium and the Drummond family of Scotland claim to descend from illegitimate sons of medieval Hungarian kings.



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