On this day February 20, 2005

Spanish voters passed a referendum on the ratification of the proposed Constitution of the European Union, despite the lowest turnout in any election since the transition to democracy in the 1970s.

The result was a landslide victory for the “Yes” campaign, with 77% of voters in favour. Turnout, however, was only 42% of the electorate—by far the lowest in any election since the restoration of democracy in the 1970s.

The question put to voters was:

¿Aprueba usted el Tratado por el que se establece una Constitución para Europa?

Do you approve the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe?

The referendum was not legally binding on the government, but paved the way for parliamentary ratification of the constitutional treaty, which happened in the Congress of Deputies on 28 April 2005, with a result of 319 “Yes” against 19 “No”, and in the Upper Chamber on 18 May 2005 with a result of 225 “Yes” against 6 “No” and one abstention.


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