On this day May 1, 1328

The wars of Scottish independence end with the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton where the Kingdom of England recognizes the Kingdom of Scotland as an independent state.

The Treaty was a peace treaty, signed in 1328 between the Kingdoms of England and Scotland.

It brought an end to the First War of Scottish Independence, which had begun with the English invasion of Scotland in 1296.

The treaty was signed in Edinburgh by Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, on 17 March 1328, and was ratified by the English Parliament at Northampton on 1 May.

The document was written in French, and is held by the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The terms of the treaty stipulated that, in exchange for £20,000 sterling, the English Crown would recognize:

  • The Kingdom of Scotland as a fully independent nation;
  • Robert the Bruce, and his heirs and successors, as the rightful rulers;
  • The border between Scotland and England as that recognized under the reign of Alexander III (1249-1286).

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