8 months older Airbus 330 crash in Tripoli

An Afriqiyah Airways originating from South Africa, has crashed on approach to Tripoli International Airport in Libya at around 06:00 Eastern European time (0400 UTC).

The aircraft was an Airbus 330-202 (serial number 1024), and was delivered on 8 September 2009.

Initial reports indicated everyone on board died, which officials say is 93 passengers and 11 crew, but later developments say an eight-year-old boy was the sole survivor; however, this is unconfirmed.

The plane left Johannesburg in South Africa with the aim of transferring at Tripoli before heading to the final destination, United Kingdom’s London Gatwick Airport.

Officials have ruled out terrorism as a cause of the crash, which is still undetermined. A security official said the plane “exploded on landing and totally disintegrated.”

The crew on the plane were all of Libyan nationality, officials claim, while the passengers included Libyans, South Africans, Dutch and Britons.


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