Tropical storm Agatha hit Guatemala

Tropical Storm Agatha was weak, but catastrophic brought widespread floods to much of Central America and was the deadliest tropical cyclone in the eastern Pacific since Hurricane Pauline in 1997.

It made landfall near the Guatemala-Mexico border on the evening of May 29. Agatha produced torrential rain all across Central America, which resulted in the death of one person in Nicaragua. In Guatemala, 108 people were killed and 53 left missing by landslides. 13 deaths also occurred in El Salvador. It soon dissipated over Guatemala.

Two days before landfall, the Pacaya volcano, roughly 25 mi (40 km) south of Guatemala City, erupted on May 27, killing one person and forcing over 2,000 people to evacuate, and causing the temporary closing of the main international airport.

Excessive rainfall from Agatha in the region could exaggerate the situation and trigger lahars. However, people working in coffee fields considered the rain brought by the storm to be helpful, removing ash from their trees. According to meteorologists in Guatemala, at least 14 in (360 mm) of rain had fallen by the evening of May 29. Several landslides blocked roadways across southern areas of the country, hindering traffic.



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