Dozens killed in Bangladesh fire

At least 100 people are killed and a further 100 injured in a large fire in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The fire was started when an electrical transformer exploded. The head of the fire department speculated that the fire was fanned by chemicals and other flammable products stored in shops. The density of the residential area affected made it difficult for firefighters to quell the blaze.

The fire affected multiple residential buildings in the district of Nimtoli, and trapped residents inside apartments. The fire started at 10.30 pm and lasted for over three hours. Over 100 people were killed, and over another 100 were injured. The fire affected a wedding party, which exacerbated the casualties.

The injured were treated at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, which struggled to cope with the large number of patients suffering burns and smoke inhalation. According to a doctor at the hospital, most of the deaths appeared to have been caused by smoke inhalation rather than burns.


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