On this day June 14, 1830

34,000 French soldiers land 27 kilometers west of Algiers, at Sidi Ferruch starting the French colonization of Algeria

To face the French, the dey sent 7,000 janissaries, 19,000 troops from the beys of Constantine and Oran, and about 17,000 Kabyles. The French established a strong beachhead and pushed toward Algiers, thanks in part to superior artillery and better organization.

The French troops took the advantage on 19 June during the battle of Staouéli, and entered in Algiers on 5 July 1830, after a three-week campaign. The Dey Hussein accepted capitulation in exchange of his freedom and the offer to retain possession of his personal wealth.

Five days later, he exiled himself with his family, on board of a French ship heading for the Italian peninsula, then under the control of the Austrian Empire. 2,500 janissaries also quit the Algerian territories, heading for Asia, on 11 July. After ruling it for 313 years, the Ottomans abandoned the Regency in Algiers and therefore the administration of the country, which they had taken care of since 1517.


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