On this day June 20, 1973

Snipers fired into a crowd of Peronists near the Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires, killing at least 13 people and injuring 365 others.ezeiza

The massacre took place on June 20, 1973 near the Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Peronist masses, including many young people, had gathered there to acclaim Juan Perón’s definitive return from an 18-year exile in Spain.

The police counted three and a half million people. In his plane, Perón was accompanied by El Tío (“Uncle”) president Héctor Cámpora, representantive of the Peronists’ left wing, who had come to power on May 25, 1973, amid popular euphoria and a period of political turmoil. Héctor Cámpora was opposed to the Peronist right wing, declaring during his first speech that “the spilled blood will not be negotiated”.

However, from Juan Perón’s tribune, camouflaged snipers, members of the Triple A terrorist group, opened fire on the crowd. The left-wing Peronist Youth and the Montoneros had been trapped. At least 13 dead people have been identified, and 365 injured during the massacre. According to Clarín newspaper, the real number must have been a lot higher. However, no official investigation has been performed to confirm these higher estimations.


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