On this day June 27, 1358

Republic of Ragusa is founded after Venice was forced in 1358, by the Treaty of Zadar, to yield all claim to Dalmatia, the city accepted the mild hegemony of King Louis I of Hungary and Croatia.


Republic of Ragusa in 1426

On June 27, 1358, the final agreement was reached at Visegrád between Louis and the Archbishop Ivan Saraka.

The city recognized Hungarian sovereignty, but the local nobility continued to rule with little interference from Buda.

The Republic profited from the suzerainty of Louis of Hungary, whose kingdom was not a naval power, and with whom they would have little conflict of interest.

The last Venetian rector was sent packing, apparently in a hurry. The Ragusan aristocracy sent him home firmly but politely. At the same time and in the same place, the emissaries from the Republic took an oath that they would hoist Croatian flags on the islands and on the mainland.

In 1399, the city acquired the area between Ragusa and Pelješac, called the Primorje. Moreover, between 1419 and 1426, the Konavle region south of Astarea, including the city of Cavtat, was added to the territories in the possession of the city. In the first half of the 15th century, the notable Cardinal Ivan Stojković (self-designated as Johannes de Carvatia) was active in Dubrovnik as Church reformer and writer.


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