On this day July 22, 1894

First ever motorized racing event is held in France between the cities of Paris and Rouen. The race is won by Jules de Dion.

Motor racing was started in France, as a direct result of the enthusiasm with which the French public embraced the motor car.[8] Manufacturers were enthusiastic due to the possibility of using motor racing as a shop window for their cars.

The first motor race took place on July 22, 1894 and was organised by Le Petit Journal, a Parisian newspaper. It was run over the eighty mile (128 km) distance between Paris and Rouen. The race was won by Jules de Dion, although he was not awarded the prize for first place as his car required a stoker and the judges deemed this outside of their objectives. The de Dion Bouton that Jules piloted was a steam powered vehicle, and thus did not meet the intent of the competition.

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