On this day August 23, 1921

Faisal I as King of Iraq

The British install the son of Sharif Hussein bin Ali (leader of the Arab Revolt of 1916 against the Ottoman Empire) as King Faisal I of Iraq.

The British government, mandate holders in Iraq, were concerned at the unrest in the colony. They decided to step back from direct administration and create a monarchy to head Iraq while they maintained the mandate. Following a plebiscite showing 96% in favor, Faisal agreed to become king. In August 1921 he was made king of Iraq.

The image is a Photo Post_Card of the Coronation of Emir (Prince) Faisal I as King of Iraq on 23 of August 1921. Emir Faisal has already served as King of Syria from March to July. The event was conducted, a t six A.M., in the court-yard of the Ottoman built Serai, his temporary headquarters upon arriving in Baghdad.

On the extreme Lt is Sir Percy Cox, the British High-Commisioner, and to his Lt. is Kinahan Cornwallis, King Faisal is seated, and to his Lt. is Sir Aylmer Haldane, the British Commandig Officer. Behind the King is his ADC Tahsin Qadri and to extreme Lt. is Sayied Hussein Afnan, Secretary of the Council of Ministers. Sir Percy Cox proclaimed that 99% of the Iraqis have voted for the new King’s accession to the throne.



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