About Us

Formae Mentis deliver technical assistance to nonprofit organization and government institutions, providing assistance to identify funding sources, submit proposals, and administer grants and contracts.

Cause marketing
* In-house marketing by non-profit organizations
* Marketing relationship not based on a donation
* Positive public relations
* Additional marketing opportunities

Donations Development
* Assistance to locating funding sources
* Submission of visibilities proposal focused on target groups
* Provide authorized institutional approval of donations
* Assistance to investigators in locating funding sources

Proposal Development
* Proposal guideline interpretation
* Budget preparation
* Completion of all required proposal forms
* Submission of proposal, either electronically or paper copy

Grants and Contracts
* Negotiation of terms and conditions and execution of agreements
* Establishment and management overhead accounts
* Subcontract issuance and monitoring

Grant Accounting
* Monitoring of expenditures
* Management of billing and cash collection
* Preparation of interim and final financial reports
* Coordination of financial audit matters relative to sponsored projects
* Perform grant closeout functions
* Account and grant reconciliations

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