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Border dispute between Djibouti and Eritrea

Djibouti and Eritrea have spoken to the United Nations security council on Thursday to discuss a border dispute. Djibouti has said that unless the UN intervenes there will be war.

The dispute dates back to June when violence erupted between the nations in the border region of Doumeira. The resulting clashes killed an estimated 35 people. The unmarked border remains disputed, and the nations have built up troops on each side of the border, keeping the situation tense.

Djibouti’s ambassador to the UN, Roble Olhaye, has accused Eritrea of avoiding mediation on the problem. Djibouti’s President Omah Guelleh told the UN security council “Continued inaction in whatever form not only will encourage but will benefit Eritrea’s attitude. This would only give my country one option, the option of war.” Read More…

UN requests US$700 million in aid for East Africa

The United Nations has called for wealthy donor nations to donate US$700 million (£382 million or 484 million) in emergency aid for Eastern Africa to prevent widespread famine. Since the start of 2008 the number of people living in hunger has almost doubled to seventeen million in the area, the UN claims.

According to UN emergency releif co-ordinator John Holmes, food levels are dangerously low in much of Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Northern Kenya and Uganda. The area, known as the ‘Horn of Africa‘, has seen drought, war and high food prices all worsen the situation. Holmes has warned that the levels of those in need could rise still further.

A total of $1.4 billion is to be raised for the period from now to the year’s end, but at least $716 million of that remains to be found. “We may need significant funds after that period – this is not the end of the story,” warned Holmes. Read More…