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Dozens of people killed by Cyclone Phet

Cyclone Phet is the second-strongest tropical cyclone on record to develop within the Arabian Sea; only Cyclone Gonu in 2007 was more intense.

Cyclone Phet on June 1

It initially moved to the northwest direction near Oman but later turned more towards the North before reaching the Arabian Peninsula and later to a northeastern track onto Pakistan.

Cyclone Phet made landfall near the coast of Karachi on June 6 at about 16:30 GMT. “Phet” (Thai: เพชร) is a Thai word, meaning Diamond.

On June 4 in Oman, first report came that Cyclone Phet killed two persons including a Bangladeshi woman. Heavy rains drenched Oman’s east coast as strong winds uprooted trees and signboards.

By June 6, a official report further increased the death toll to 24, including 21 Omanis and 3 from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh).

Phet arrived in Pakistan which saw 133 millimetres of rainfall on June 4. Authorities evacuated tens of thousands of people to safe areas and the country’s army and navy were put on alert.Under the influence of the cyclone, disrupting the city’s railways and electricity transmission systems. Read More…