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Drone strike kills at least 20 in Pakistan

Attacks in Pakistan’s southern Shaktoi area have become a source of friction between the U.S. and Pakistan, which sees them as a violation of its sovereignty.

Pakistani officials say a suspected U.S. drone missile strike has killed at least 20 militants.  Authorities say the toll could rise. Sunday’s attack took place in the Shaktoi area of Pakistan’s restive South Waziristan region. Read More…


Pakistan drone attack kills many

A drone attack, suspected to have been made by US forces, killed at least twelve people and injured a further fourteen in northwestern Pakistan earlier today, although some reports put the death toll as high as eighteen.

The attack hit a militant training camp on the border between Pakistan’s North and South Waziristantribal region.

Pakistani officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said they believe the target was Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud; however, it was not immediately clear whether Mehsud was killed. Read More…

Four killed in US drone strike in Pakistan

Pakistani intelligence officials said today that at least four people have been killed in a suspected US drone strike in the North Waziristan province.

Officials say missiles hit a house and a vehicle near the town Miranshah. The region is near Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan.

“The US drone fired two missiles on a house. The house was completely destroyed,” said an unnamed security official. Read More…

Series of bombings across Iraqi and Pakistan

Iraqi police say a series of car bombings across the capital, Baghdad, killed at least 127 people, wounding hundreds of others.

Bombings in two Pakistani cities killed about 50 people and wounded more than 140 others on Monday, according to authorities.

Reports say three of Iraqi’s blasts were coordinated, the first occurred at 10:25 local time (07:25 GMT), the others following within minutes. One of the bombs targeted the busy Shourja Market in central Baghdad, near to the Iraqi health ministry. The others were detonated near the Interior Ministry in eastern Baghdad and the Labor Ministry. Read More…

Pakistani member of parliament killed

A Pakistani provincial politician was killed earlier today by a teen-aged suicide bomber in the northwestern Swat valley.

Shamsher Ali Khan, a member of the Awami National Party, was receiving guests at his residence in the town of Kanju, when a young man, armed with explosives. walked into the grounds of the house. He blew himself up, killing Khan and injuring over twelve other people. According to police, two of the victim’s brothers were among those hurt. The blast was so strong it damaged portions of the building.

The guests were reportedly gathering to celebrate the end of Eid al-Adha, a Muslim holy festival. “People were coming to exchange Eid greetings with him when a man came and blew himself up,” said a relative of the MP, Farooq Khan.

On this day November 12, 1893

Afghanistan before the Durand agreement of 1893

Afghanistan before the Durand agreement of 1893

Mortimer Durand, Foreign Secretary of British India, and Abdur Rahman Khan, Amir of Afghanistan, signed the Durand Line Agreement, establishing what is now the international border between Afghanistan and modern-day Pakistan. Read More…

Wave of attacks rock Pakistan

Pakistani officials have said that five attacks on government sites across the country have killed at least forty people. The latest attack occurred late on Thursday at a government residential area in Peshawar. Officials said they suspect Taliban militants for being responsible for the attacks.

Authorities said that the situation in the eastern city of Lahore was under control, following separate attacks on the country’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and two police training centers.

Gunmen with at least one suicide jacket stormed the FIA building at mid-morning. The FIA is an agency responsible for investigating matters relating to terrorism and immigration. Early last year, the building was the target of a suicide truck bomb that killed more than 20 people. Read More…