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Aruba’s opposition party wins parliament elections

The Aruban People’s Party wins a majority of seats in the general election of Aruba in the Caribbean Sea, held in Aruba on 25 September 2009 to choose the 21 members of the Estates (the parliament of Aruba).

Aruba Parliament

Aruba Parliament

Aruba is an autonomous region of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and has full autonomy over its internal affairs with defence and foreign affairs overseen by the Dutch government.

The elections were the seventh to be held for membership of the Estates since autonomy was granted by the Dutch in 1986.

The Estates are the 21 seat legislature of Aruba and members are elected for four year terms using a proportional representation system of election, with each party being allowed to place up to 29 people on their party list. The members are not elected to constituencies and represent the entire electorate. Read More…