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On this day June 27, 1358

Republic of Ragusa is founded after Venice was forced in 1358, by the Treaty of Zadar, to yield all claim to Dalmatia, the city accepted the mild hegemony of King Louis I of Hungary and Croatia.


Republic of Ragusa in 1426

On June 27, 1358, the final agreement was reached at Visegrád between Louis and the Archbishop Ivan Saraka.

The city recognized Hungarian sovereignty, but the local nobility continued to rule with little interference from Buda.

The Republic profited from the suzerainty of Louis of Hungary, whose kingdom was not a naval power, and with whom they would have little conflict of interest. Read More…

Croatia’s ruling party expels former PM

Croatia’s ruling Democratic Union (HDZ) party expelled the former prime minister Ivo Sanader following his political comeback Sunday.

Ivo Sanader

The decision was made after a day-long intra-party meeting led by the party’s president and current prime minister Jadranka Kosor, who accused him of trying to split the party and thus make a crisis in the government majority.

Of twenty two members of the party presidency, 16 voted for expulsion, three were against (Luka Bebić, Mario Zubović and Damir Polančec) and two abstained (Bianca Matković and Petar Selem). Sanader himself was not present at the meeting.

Mr. Sanader declared he would be returning to a more active role in politics, stating that his decision to withdraw was a mistake, and that the HDZ is a “winning party and not a party that wins 12% of the vote”. Read More…

Sanader resign as Croatian PM

Ivo Sanader announces his resignation as Prime Minister of Croatia and President of Croatian Democratic Union.

Furthermore, Sanader announced his intentions to completely withdraw from all active politics. At his press conference in Zagreb, Sanader remarked, “There is always a time in life for a new beginning. Such a moment has come and now it’s time for others to take over.”

According to BBC News, the announcement “came as a surprise”, as Croatian media had quite recently named Sanader as a potential candidate for the 2010 presidential election. Sanader announced that his prime minister-designate would be deputy Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor.

Croatian journalist killed by car bomb

The attack killed the owner of the newspaper, Ivo Pukanić and Niko Franjić, the Nacional marketing manager, and injured three more people. The attack whas realized by a remote-detonation bomb outside the Croatian Nacional newspaper’s premises in the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

The explosion occurred at 18:22 local time (16:22 GMT) of October 23. As of now, there are only informal speculations as to the motive of the assassin. Read More…