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Israelis almost took out Tony Blair’s jet

Israel scrambled two fighter jets to intercept a suspicious aircraft that was failing to respond to air traffic control (ATC) and had moved into attack positions, only to discover the it was carrying International Middle East peace envoy and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair.

The aircraft was an executive private jet carrying delegates including Blair from Sinai, Egypt where they had attended the World Economic Forum to Bethlehem on Wednesday when the aircraft entered Israeli airspace and failed to respond to multiple demands from ATC to identify itself, it emerged yesterday. Read More…


Egypt seals border with Gaza

Egypt has closed the border with the Gaza Strip, ending 11 days of unrestricted movement for Palestinians. Egyptian security forces used barbed wire and metal barricades to seal the last remaining gaps in the barricade along the border.

Egyptians who were in Gaza are being allowed to return home, and Palestinians on the Egyptian side of the border are still able to go back to Gaza. But no new crossings are being permitted. Read More…

Residents of Gaza enter Egypt after destruction of border wall

Thousands of Palestinians entered the Egyptian territory from the Gaza Strip, after the border wall at the Rafah passage was destroyed. Palestinians say that this was to allow them to get food and fuel.

The Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak announced that his government allowed residents of Gaza to enter Egypt, on the condition that it is peaceful and temporary. Read More…