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Fiji suspended from the Commonwealth

Fiji is suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations due to a refusal to reinstate elections by 2010 following the 2006 Fijian coup d’état.

Fiji, which was not a member of the Commonwealth between 1987 and 1997 as a result of a pair of coups d’état, has also been suspended twice, with the first suspension being imposed from 6 June 2000 to 20 December 2001 after another coup.

Fiji has been suspended once again, since 8 December 2006, following the most recent coup, this suspension only applying to membership on the Councils of the Commonwealth. After failing to meet a Commonwealth deadline for setting national elections by 2010 Fiji was “fully suspended” on 1 September 2009. Read More…

Fiji suspended from Pacific Islands Forum

The Pacific Islands Forum suspends Fiji’s membership indefinitely due to the recent political, legal and human rights situation in the country.

In August 2008, the Forum threatened to suspend Fiji if the latter did not commit to holding a general election by March 2009. Subsequently, at a special leaders’ meeting of the Pacific Islands Forum, held in Papua-New Guinea in January 2009, Forum leaders set a deadline of 1 May, by which date Fiji must set a date for elections before the end of the year.

Fiji rejected the deadline. Consequently, on May 1, Fiji was suspended indefinitely from participation in the Forum. The suspension was enforced with immediate effect from 2 May 2009. Read More…

Pacific Islands Forum condemns Fiji takeover

Toke Talagi, the Pacific Islands Forum chairman and Premier of Niue, has condemned the Fijian president’s decision to abrogate the constitution.

“I condemn the actions of the military regime in Fiji to date, the abrogation of the Constitution and reappointment of members of the previous Interim Government in direct contravention of Fiji law as determined by the Court of Appeal on 9th April 2009,” Mr Talagi said. Read More…

Journalists deported from Fiji

Fiji‘s military regime has deported two foreign journalists. 3 News political reporter Sia Aston and her camera operator were detained by police and taken to Government House this afternoon where she was expected to be told to leave the country. All  her footage of events in Fiji has been confiscated.December 7, 2006 front page

ABC journalist Sean Dorney, the only other foreign journalist in the country, has reportedly also been ordered to leave.

This is not the first time Fiji’s military regime has deported journalists. In December 2008 ONE News Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver was deported.

In June 2007, Fairfax New Zealand correspondent Michael Field was deported from Fiji after criticising the regime. Read More…

7.9 magnitude earthquake near Tonga

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), a magnitude 7.9 earthquake has struck in the Pacific Ocean approximately 130 miles south-southeast of Nuku’Alofa, Tonga, generating a tsunami. It struck at 6:17 a.m. (local time) and was registered at a depth of only 6.2 miles (10km).

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) had earlier issued a tsunami warning for Tonga, Fiji, American Samoa, Samoa, Niue and the Kermadec Islands, which was later canceled. The warning did not include Hawaii. Read More…

Fiji and New Zealand expel diplomats

Fiji and New Zealand are engaged in a game of diplomatic tit-fot-tat after expelling each other’s High Commissioners.

This afternoon Fiji’s military regime expelled acting New Zealand High Commissioner to Fiji Caroline McDonald. The New Zealand government retaliated by expelling Fiji’s High Commissioner to Wellington, Ponsami Chetty. Both will be given a week to leave the country. Read More…