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Iraqi Airways drops flights to UK and Sweden

Iraqi Airways have announced that they are to drop all flights to the United Kingdom and Sweden. The announcement comes after a row with Kuwait over war reparations.

Iraq and Kuwait are in dispute over billions of dollars of reparations; this includes around $1.2bn in aircraft and parts seized beginning in 1990 by Saddam Hussein.

The airline’s director general was stranded in the United Kingdom on the basis of a High Court court order obtained by Kuwait Airways last month, but his passport was returned and he was allowed to leave after he informed the court of all the airline’s assets in the UK.

Amer Abdul-Jabbar, the Iraqi Transport Minister released a statement saying that “We will announce whether or not we will dissolve the company.” The cancellations were announced by the director general of Iraqi Airways, Kifah Jabar Hassan. Read More…


Air India Express airliner crash in India

An Air India Express airliner crashed last night in Mangalore, India, killing an estimated 160 people after a flight from Dubai.

Air India Express Boeing 737

According to reports, the plane, a Boeing 737, crashed after landing and overshot the runway, coming to a stop in a forested valley before exploding.

According to the airline, a total of 166 people were on board the plane, 160 passengers and six crew. One of the seven survivors said that a tire on the plane had exploded as it was landing and within three seconds there was a fire blast. The inside was filled with smoke.”

The cause of the crash is not yet known, though pilot error is presumed to be responsible. The pilot of the aircraft, a Serbian with around 10,000 hours of experience, had made no distress call before the crash. Visibility was also said to be good; the head of India’s airport authority said that “visibility was six kilometres (four miles) when the aircraft approached the runway which was more than sufficient.” Light rain was falling at the time of the crash. Read More…

Passengers in Polish cockpit before crash

The investigation into the plane crash that killed Polish President Lech Kaczyński has revealed that passengers were in the cockpit of the crashed plane.

Part of the wreckage of the polish aircraft

According to the head of the technical commission involved with investigating the crash, Alexei Morozov, the crew of the aircraft had been warned of limited visibility.

Although it has not been determined whether or not the crew’s decision to land had been influenced by the passengers on board. The cause of the crash has not been identified, although the possibility of an explosion or terrorist attack on board the aircraft has been ruled out.

Morozov also said that the crew on board the plane had not been properly trained for the flight, and had been assembled only a few days before the flight. He said that the crew “did not undergo regular simulated training, including the practice of co-ordination and emergency situations during flights.” Read More…

Pamir Airways plane crash in Afghanistan

Officials say a Pamir Airways plane carrying 43 passengers, including six foreigners, has crashed in the mountains of northern Afghanistan.

Authorities say the Pamir Airways flight went down earlier today while on its way from the northern city of Kunduz to the capital, Kabul.

Rescuers were headed to the presumed crash site near the Salang Pass in the Hindu Kush mountains, north of the Afghan capital; however, poor weather conditions, including fog, reportedly hampered an aerial search.

Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary said NATO-led forces had been asked to help locate the plane using pilotless drones. NATO said in a statement that it had dispatched a manned aircraft to the last known position of the missing plane; two helicopters were also en route to the area. Read More…

Ryanair fined over ash-triggered flight cancellations

Italy today fined the Irish airline Ryanair three million euros over the airline’s failure to assist passengers after their flights were canceled due to volcanic ash in April.

According to the civil aviation authority of Italy, ENAC, there were 178 cases of passengers not receiving mandatory assistance, such as accommodations and food, after Ryanair canceled their flights. Such assistance is required by European regulations to be given to passengers who have chosen to be re-routed. Read More…

8 months older Airbus 330 crash in Tripoli

An Afriqiyah Airways originating from South Africa, has crashed on approach to Tripoli International Airport in Libya at around 06:00 Eastern European time (0400 UTC).

The aircraft was an Airbus 330-202 (serial number 1024), and was delivered on 8 September 2009.

Initial reports indicated everyone on board died, which officials say is 93 passengers and 11 crew, but later developments say an eight-year-old boy was the sole survivor; however, this is unconfirmed.

The plane left Johannesburg in South Africa with the aim of transferring at Tripoli before heading to the final destination, United Kingdom’s London Gatwick Airport. Read More…

United, Continental create world’s biggest airline

The Board of Directors at Continental and United airlines approved a stock-swap deal that would combine them into the world’s largest airline on Sunday, May 2, 2010.

United Continental merge logo

The airlines publicly announced the deal the next day. The new airline will take on the United Airlines name and be based out of United’s hometown of Chicago.

It will be run by Continental’s CEO, Jeff Smisek. UAL’s CEO, Glenn Tilton, will be non-executive chairman.

The deal will still need final approval from labor unions, shareholders, and antitrust regulators before being allowed to go forward.

Both airlines are taking losses in the recession and expect the merger to generate savings of more than $1 billion a year. Combined, they fly to some 370 destinations and carry 144 million passengers a year. Combined revenues will be about $29 billion.