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Two mosques under attack in Lahore, Pakistan

Nearly 100 people are killed and 120 more injured in two attacks in Lahore, Pakistan. Two mosques, Dar-ul-Zikr and Bait-ul-Noor, of the minority Ahmadiyya Muslim Community came under attack in a hostage situation after firing and grenades.

At least 98 people were killed and more than 120 were injured in the two attacks which occurred nearly simultaneously. Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, as well as their Punjab wing, claimed responsibility for the attacks and were also blamed by the Pakistani Police.

The perpetrators lobbed grenades and started firing as they attacked two mosques of the minority Ahmadi sect in different residential neighbourhoods. Security officers were then involved in a gun battle with fighters ouside one of the mosques in Garhi Shahu district. The near simultaneous attacks were at Darul Zikr, Garhi Shahu and Bait-al Noor Lahore Model Town, 15 km apart. Read More…

Bomb kill many in Stavropol, Russia

A radio-controlled bomb exploded in the city center in the southern Russian city of Stavropol earlier today, killing at least six and injuring more than 40, according to initial reports.

The explosion occurred at 18.45 Moscow time (UTC 14.45) in front of the Stavropol Trade-Union Sport and Culture Palace, where many people gathered, the Stavropolye State TV Company reports. A performance by Chechen dance ensemble “Vainakh” was about to begin in the Palace. Security officials haven’t dismissed a possible connection between the concert and the attack. Read More…

Suicide bomb blast hits Pakistani city

A bomb explosion in Dera Ismail Khan in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan killed at least twelve people, officials said.

Dera Īsmāil Khān, Pakistan

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Iqbal Khan was said to be the target by other policemen. The bomb, which was planted on a bicycle, killed the former along with the driver and guard of his convoy.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. The DSP’s car had been badly damaged. Officials stated the bomb was detonated when Khan had been leaving his house situated in the Kutchi Painda Khan region of the town and entering his car. “It was a remote control bomb and was planted in a bicycle,” Riaz Khan, a police spokesperson for the province, said to Agence France-Presse news agency. Read More…

Deadly suicide blast hits NATO convoy in Kabul

A car bomb attack which targeted a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) convoy in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan has killed or wounded dozens of people. The death toll was not confirmed, and estimates range from ten to twenty deaths. 47 people were injured in the attack.

The incident occurred at the Darulaman crossroads, near a US-Afghan military base and the parliament. Six NATO troops died in the attack alongside several civilians. The NATO said they had sealed off the region. The bomber had been driving a car filled with explosives, which they detonated at around 0815 local time [0415 GMT].

Iain Baxter, a spokesman for Isaf (International Security Assistance Force), stated: “An Isaf convoy was hit. At the moment we’re trying to confirm the number of Isaf casualties.” He could not confirm the number of Isaf personnel killed in the attack. Read More…

Over 100 killed in Iraq’s coordinaded attacks

Several attacks in three different parts of Iraq today killed over 100 people and injured almost 350 more, making Monday the deadliest day in the country this year.

Hands of Victory in Baghdad

Early on Monday morning, attacks with automatic weapons against six army and police checkpoints in the city of Baghdad killed seven police officers, with three other bombings in the city killing another two policemen.

An official from Iraq’s interior ministry said that the attacks in Baghdad began at around 0630 local time (0330 UTC), not ending until around 0800 local time (0500 UTC). The official also said that most of those wounded were security personnel.

At around 1330 local time (1030 UTC), three car bombs exploded in the city of Al Hillah outside a textiles factory; the bombings came as workers were leaving the factory, which increased the death toll. Read More…

NYC’s Times Square evacuated in bomb scare

A car containing a incendiary device was discovered in Times Square, New York City, causing the evacuation of streets surrounding the area.

Times Square closed by bomb disposal team

Reports say the vehicle, a Nissan Pathfinder parked outside a theatre on 45th Street and Seventh Avenue, had smoke coming out of the back at around 6:30 p.m EDT (10:30 p.m. UTC). Unconfirmed reports say an unknown man ran away from the car. A roughly square area of the city, its boundaries formed by 43rd and 48th Street and 7th and 8th Avenue, was evacuated.

The New York Police Department bomb squad was called in and were able to retrieve the package using a robot. Officials removed gunpowder, consumer-grade fireworks, two five-gallon cans of gasoline, three propane tanks, electrical wiring, and two clocks with batteries that apparently were fashioned as one or two detonators. The bomb has been described as “amateurish”. No casualties or injuries were reported. Read More…

Dozens dead in Somali mosque blasts

Twin bomb attacks near a mosque in Mogadishu, Somalia kill 39 people and injure 70, the bombs were placed at opposite ends of the ground floor of the Abdala Shideye Mosque as people were awaiting the Dhuhr midday prayers.

It is believed that Fuad Mohamed Kalaf, an upper-level official within Al-Shabaab, was the intended target of the attacks. Kalif was reported to have suffered only minor injuries to his hands.

Somalia, which has not had a functional central government since the 1991 deposing of President Siad Barre, is controlled by several different factions. The area of the capital where the bombings occurred, including the mosque and the Bakara market, is under the control of Al-Shabaab, a militant organisation that is engaged in a struggle against the United Nations backed Transitional Federal Government.

The attack was the deadliest in Mogadishu since the Hotel Shambo bombing in December 2009.