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On this day October 3, 1283

Dafydd ap Gruffydd the Prince of Wales, the last native ruler of Wales to resist English domination, was executed by drawing and quartering.

Prince Charles, current Prince of Wales

Prince Charles, current Prince of Wales

On 30 September, Dafydd ap Gruffudd, Prince of Wales, was condemned to death, the first person known to have been tried and executed for what from that time onwards would be described as high treason against the King.

Edward ensured that Dafydd’s death was to be slow and agonising, and also historic; he became the first prominent person in recorded history to have been hanged, drawn and quartered, preceded by a number of minor knights earlier in the thirteenth century.

Dafydd was dragged through the streets of Shrewsbury attached to a horse’s tail then hanged alive, revived, then disembowelled and his entrails burned before him for ‘his sacrilege in committing his crimes in the week of Christ’s passion,’ and then his body cut into four quarters ‘for plotting the king’s death’. Read More…


On this day August 18, 1848

Camila O’Gorman and Ladislao Gutierrez are executed on the orders of Argentine dictator Juan Manuel de Rosas.

Camila O'Gorman

Camila O'Gorman

Her execution during the last stages of pregnancy caused an international uproar and contributed to the political demise of Argentine dictator Juan Manuel de Rosas.

In 1847 Camila and Fr. Gutiérrez eloped on horseback and found refuge in Corrientes Province, which was then under the control of a Leftist warlord hostile to the regime of Juan Manuel de Rosas.

As the scandal broke, the supporters of Rosas suggested that she had been kidnapped. Rosas’ exiled political opponents, including future President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, declared that Rosas’ tyranny was responsible for the moral corruption of Argentine womanhood. Read More…