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On this day January 31, 1953

A North Sea flood causes over 1,800 deaths in the Netherlands and the associated storm combined to create a major natural disaster which affected the coastlines of the Netherlands and England on the night of 31 January 1953.

Zuid-Beveland, 1953

Zuid-Beveland, 1953

Belgium, Denmark and France were also affected by flooding and storm damage. A combination of a high spring tide and a severe European windstorm caused a storm tide.

In combination with a tidal surge of the North Sea the water level locally exceeded 5.6 metres above mean sea level. The flood and waves overwhelmed sea defences and caused extensive flooding. Read More…

Kenyan floods hit 30,000 people

The United Nations has said that about 30,000 people have been affected by recent flooding in Kenya, caused by torrential rains. The organisation cautioned that a cholera epidemic may ensue as a result.

Heavy rains started in Kenya ten days ago, and are still falling. Kenyan police reported that 34 people died due to the rising waters.

“Heavy rainfall between 27 December 2009 and 5 January 2009 has caused massive flooding in northern, central and western Kenya leaving 30,000 people affected by floods,” commented a spokeswoman of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Elisabeth Byrs. Read More…

On this day October 9, 1963

In northeast Italy, over 2,000 people are killed when a large landslide behind the Vajont Dam causes a giant wave of water to overtop it.

Vajont valley

Vajont valley

On 12 February 2008, while launching the International Year of Planet Earth, UNESCO cited the Vajont Dam tragedy as one of the five worst man-made disasters, caused by “the failure of engineers and geologists.”

On 9 October 1963 at approximately 10:35pm, the combination of ‘drawing-down the reservoir’ and heavy rains triggered a landslide of about 260 million cubic metres of forest, earth, and rock, which fell into the reservoir at up to 110 km per hour (68 mph).

The resulting displacement of water caused 50 million cubic metres of water to over-top the dam in a 250-metre high wave. Despite this, the dam’s structure was largely undamaged — the top metre or so of masonry was washed away, but the basic structure remained intact. Read More…

Over two million people displaced by flooding in India

Two and a half million people have been displaced and over 250 people were killed following the heaviest flooding to hit southern India in a hundred years.

Karnataka was the state most heavily affected by the floods. R.V. Jagdish, a government spokesman, said that 172 deaths from the rains in the state were reported, and fifty thousand people are living in relief camps. The neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh reported at least fifty flood-related deaths. 1.5 million people residing in 100 relief camps across that state, chief minister K. Rosaiah said. Read More…

Typhoon Parma to hit Philippines saturday

The Philippines, still reeling from the destructive Typhoon Ketsana just days before, is bracing for another strike from Typhoon Parma, which is expected to hit the region on Saturday.

Typhoon Parma

Typhoon Parma

Ketsana brought torrential rains to the northern Philippines on Saturday, inundating most of the capital Manila and surrounding provinces. Scores of people were killed and many are still missing. Overall, Ketsana affected nearly two million people.

Now Parma, a “super typhoon” packing winds of 150 miles per hour, is threatening to devastate the region again.

The storm could be more powerful than Ketsana: “We are dealing with a very strong typhoon (and) there is a big possibility that this typhoon will gather more strength,” said Nathaniel Cruz, a forecaster in the Philippines. Read More…

Deaths as typhoon batters Vietnam

Vietnamese officials have reported that at least 22 people were killed by Typhoon Ketsana, which brought torrential rainfalls and heavy flooding to the central areas of the country.

Typhoon Ketsana

NASA Image Typhoon Ketsana

“According to our official count as of Tuesday afternoon from the local authorities, the typhoon killed 22 people,” said an unnamed official from the country’s national flood and storm committee.

170,000 people were evacuated ahead of the typhoon, which brought peak winds of 90 miles per hour (144 kilometres per hour). Typhoon Ketsana had earlier battered the Philippines, killing over two hundred people there.

Ketsana made landfall in the afternoon on Tuesday, 37 miles south of Danang, the National Weather Center reported.

Flights departing and arriving at the Hue and Danang airports were cancelled due to inclement weather, and fishing boats were ordered to return to shore. Read More…

Philippines appeals for flood aid

The Philippines has appealed for international assistance following the worst flooding in more than 40 years. At least 140 people have been killed and another 32 are missing as a result of the heavy rains, and the death toll from the disaster continues to rise.

The Philippine government has been attempting to provide shelter, food and basic supplies for hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the floods.

Tropical storm Ketsana brought torrential rains to the northern Philippines on Saturday, inundating most of the capital Manila and surrounding provinces. Surging water washed away buildings and cars. Scores of people were killed and many are still missing. Read More…