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Cameron becomes UK’s PM

David Cameron was today appointed the new UK Prime Minister. This follows five days of negotiation after the May 6 general election resulted in a hung parliament.

David Cameron

While the Conservative Party won the largest number of seats, they lacked enough for a majority government, and will consequently form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, who took the third-largest number. In the agreement, Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat leader, becomes Deputy Prime Minister.

Cameron, at 43, is the youngest prime minister since Lord Liverpool in 1812, and had only been a Member of Parliament for nine years prior to taking the most senior political office in the country.

He is the twelfth Prime Minister of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The post-election negotiations see the end of thirteen years of Labour Party rule beginning with the victory of Tony Blair in 1997. Read More…


UK Conservative and Liberal to form coalition

Results indicate there will be a hung parliament, where no party obtains the simple majority needed to pass legislation on its own, raising the prospect of a minority or coalition government being formed, which would require cooperation between parties.

David Cameron

With only one constituency not yet counted, David Cameron’s Conservatives have taken 306 seats, incumbent Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Labour party 258 seats, and Nick Clegg with his Liberal Democrats with 57.

Cameron has said he will negotiate with the latter party to try and form a coalition to attain more than 325 seats, or half those in the parliament.

After Labour’s large losses at the polls yesterday, both in terms of seats and votes, Cameron said Brown has “lost his mandate to govern”. Clegg, meanwhile, says he thinks the result allows the Conservatives to try to form a government first, contrary to past tradition, under which the incumbent prime minister and his party in a hung parliament try first to form a coalition.

Landslide victory for Hungary’s conservative opposition

Fidesz, the conservative Hungarian party, has won a two-thirds majority in parliament, according to official results.

With about 99% of all votes counted, Fidesz is projected to have won 263 seats in the 386-seat parliament, ending eight years of Socialist government.

The incumbent Socialists placed a distant second, obtaining 59 seats, while the far-right Jobbik took 47 seats. A new Green party, called Politics Can Be Different, received sixteen seats, and an independent candidate took the remaining seat. Read More…

Nigeria’s cabinet dissolved

Nigeria’s acting president, Goodluck Jonathan, has announced the dissolution of the country’s cabinet.

In a statement after a cabinet meeting, Nigeria’s information minister, Dora Akunyili, said that “the acting president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, dissolved the Federal Executive Council [cabinet].” In the same statement, Akunyili said that Jonathan had provided no reason for the move, although analysts said that it was due to the impediment of the cabinet to Jonathan’s efforts to put his own mark on the office.

According to Akunyili, the move would not lead to a power vacuum, as the permanent secretaries will step up to take the positions vacated. Jonathan had taken over the role of acting president in February after President Umaru Yar’Adua temporarily stepped down due to sickness, and the cabinet had been entirely appointed by Yar’Adua. Read More…

Afghanistan’s parliament rejects Karzai’s cabinet

The Afghan parliament has rejected president Hamid Karzai’s nominees for his new cabinet. Karzai had nominated 24 persons to fill vacancies, although only seven were approved.

Hamid Karzai

Of the nominees rejected include incumbent Energy Minister Ismail Kha, and the incumbent minister of Women’s Affairs. It did however approve the nominees for the positions of Defense, Interior, and Finance ministers.

President Karzai will need to resubmit candidates for the vacant positions so that the government can begin its 2010 workload.

During the confirmation hearings Karzai was in the Helmand province, meeting with US commander General Stanley McChrystal. Karzai told local residents that if they want to be protected, they have to bring their sons to the national army. Read More…

Greek PM sworn in

George Papandreou, the new Greek prime minister, and his cabinet were sworn into office on Tuesday, after winning general elections held on Sunday.

Papandreou taking his Oath of Office

Papandreou taking his Oath of Office

Papandreou, whose socialist PASOK party won the snap general elections, will also be foreign minister, a post he held from 1999 to 2004 in the cabinet of then Prime Minister Costas Simitis.

A new position, deputy prime minister, has been introduced, going to Theodoros Pangalos, who served as foreign minister between 1996 and 1999.

Louka Katseli will be economy minister. She was special economy adviser to Papandreou’s father – Andreas Papandreou – between 1993 and 1996, when he was prime minister. Read More…

Romanian government collapses

Romania’s coalition government fell apart on Thursday, after all the Social Democrat (PSD) ministers resigned, protesting the firing of another cabinet member.

PSD member Dan Nica was fired earlier in the week after he made a statement suggesting the possibility of election fraud in November’s upcoming presidential ballots. The PSD party leader, Mircea Geoana, said that the entire PSD had resigned to protest against Nica’s sacking.

“All PSD ministers, supporting Dan Nica, are announcing their resignation from government. The president succeeded in triggering a political crisis, Geoana said. Read More…